Single "Come Back" released 24th May 2018

Charting the tribulations of your average relationship can be a difficult affair!

The last recordings on this song were finished in 2008, and ready for release around 2010. Somehow it never got released. When it came to preparing for 2018 album releases, this song stood on its own and we decided not to release it (again!). So here it is, released as a single 2 weeks before the 3 albums that it did not feature on.

Have a listen here...

Brian West: Vocals, Guitars
Brendan Tuite: Keys, Drums
James Jones: Bass

Recorded in July 2008 in somebody's bedroom with an SM58.
Cover art by Tuite and Ailbhe Reilly-Tuite

recorded, edited, mixed by Tuite
produced by Tuite, Jones, Maguire
copyright Virtual Trio, 2018