Second Album "Departures" released 30th January 2014

All music improvised and recorded on 2nd March 2013 in a remote house in Co. Leitrim, Ireland, with advance preparations limited to activities such as popping down the shop for some munchies. Although we were playing for 12 hours, we ended up with three and a half hours of recorded material (some theories exist for where the missing hours may have gone). 6 months of editing activity followed to get some shape to the tracks before a lyricfest on 10th August propelled us towards completion. Brian also recorded additional guitars and vocals in studio #4 in Melbourne, Australia

For the most part we have preserved the order of tracks as they were recorded and any overdubs were limited to augmenting (or filling vacancies left as our minds drifted).


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recording by Tuite & West | edited & mixed by Tuite
produced by v3o

Brian West: vocals, guitar, piano, keys
Brendan Tuite: vocals, guitar, keys, programming
James Jones: bass, keys
Alan Maguire: guitar, keys

lyrics: West
music: Maguire, Jones, Tuite

Cover photography Lough Gill, Co, Leitrim by Marcin Drabant
additional photography by Nick Young