Moments of dark and light, released 3rd May 2022

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The jetty is a bridge that ends in the middle of the lake, a connection to the underworld. "Drift" is an exploration of that liminal space between dry land and the depths, between waking and sleeping, gesturing towards moments of surreal fantasy as we drift towards another world that is neither awake nor asleep.

Just another moment.

  • Alan Maguire: guitar, keys & orchestral, bass, whiskey bottles
  • Brendan Tuite: keys & orchestral, percussion, vocal, field recordings and assorted button pushing
  • Brian West: Vocals on Only Young
  • Rebecca Tuite: Vocals on One More Day

Recorded in late 2021 in Co. Leitrim, Ireland
Vocals for "One More Day" recorded in Top Floor Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden by KJ Melgoza
Vocals for "Only Young" recorded in Melbourne, Australia by West

Artwork by Tuite & Maguire

Arranged by Maguire & Tuite; Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Tuite