Ghost Notes

Released 7th June 2018, part of a 3 album release with The Joy Delusion and The Vile Circus.

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An eclectic and diverse mix of both style and content. From the conspiracy driven "No Good Deed" to the stark realities of loneliness apparent on "Isolate", the group displays subtlety and restraint in their approach to songwriting. There are the occasional moments of bombastic expression such as "Pledge" and "Retain", which Maguire describes as "our Freebird moment".

Lyrically, West expands on ideas suggested by the music but leaves plenty of room for the listener to make their own inferences.

  • Brian West: vocals, guitar, drums, keys
  • Brendan Tuite: guitar, bass, keys, vocals, programming
  • James Jones: bass, keys, vocals
  • Alan Maguire: lead guitar, keys, vocals

Recorded between 2013 and 2017 in Co. Leitrim, Ireland. Additional recording in Melbourne, Australia.
recorded by Tuite and West
edited, mixed and mastered by Tuite
produced by Tuite

Cover art by Maguire

Doing Great: Voice of Noam Chomsky courtesy of Mr. Chomsky and usage of audio recording courtesy of Alternative Radio (
Learn to See: Voice of Jackie McLean from Jackie McLean on Mars, by kind permission of Ken Levis Films (
Fishbowl: Voice of Dexter Gordon courtesy of Dex Music LLC, and