Debut album "Grief Proof Pauper", released on 27th September 2012.

The album contains 10 original tracks and follows the trials and tribulations of the average First World loser, as he struggles to cope with loss on several levels, and the search for enlightenment through self discovery. Grief Proof Pauper is most definitely a self-produced affair steeped in the proud traditions of low budget garage bands.

You can stream the entire album below, or go to CD Baby to download.

VirtualTrio started the recording process in 2008 when three old school friends started jamming in bedrooms, attics and sheds. They eventually progressed to wardrobes - some of their final vocals were recorded here...

According to Jones, "From one of the first sessions when Lidlicker was born, it was great to see the album emerge organically over the years. It's great to keep that freedom to experiment so we could just enjoy ourselves while working away on refining what we had."

Lead singer Brian West emigrated to Australia in 2009, so the band had to make full use of digital recording to continue their sessions and collaboration.

You can find some more about why it took 4 years in the blog.

(if you can't see it above, go to soundcloud or ReverbNation )