Album "The Joy Delusion" released 7th June 2018

Exploring the ability of the human mind to drift in paradox and conflict, the endless tension and anxiety of existence remains somewhat at peace as we glide momentarily into the endless flowing river of peace and tranquility. Within each moment of inaction an opportunity arises. With each drooling stare a vacuum of possibility is created. If we dream with integrity, we find the frequencies of joy. If we dream carelessly, corruption creeps in and brings tension. Who the fuck wrote this shit and where the hell did those tunes actually come from?

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Brian West: Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Keys

Brendan Tuite: Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals, Programming
James Jones: Bass, Keys, Vocals
Alan Maguire: Lead Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Recorded between 2009 and 2017 in Co. Leitrim, Ireland. Additional recording in Melbourne, Australia. Cold Blood music recorded in a shed in Kentstown, Navan on 10th April 2009.
Cover Art by Tuite

recorded by Tuite and West
edited, mixed and mastered by Tuite
produced by Tuite
copyright Virtual Trio, 2018