The Vile Circus

Released 7th June 2018, part of a 3 album release with Ghost Notes and The Joy Delusion.

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"It's just fucking mad. When you play shit backwards, rip it all apart, forget the rules and just bang some saucepans together, then you are truly free." says Maguire

As the chaos of constant unstructured recording produces some pristine moments, the group present you with some of their most prized work - 23 raw tracks that say something nobody really understands yet.

"When the evening decends into chaos, you can't feel your fingers any more and half the musicians are missing, it is time to up the tempo and press record." says Tuite. "We still don't know how the Baboons got into the studio!"

  • Brian West: vocals, guitar, drums, keys
  • Brendan Tuite: guitar, bass, vocals, programming
  • Alan Maguire: lead guitar, keys, vocals
  • James Jones: bass, keys, vocals

Voices on Deeper from The Conet Project

Recorded between 2008 and 2017 in Co. Leitrim, Ireland. Additional recording in Melbourne, Australia.

Artwork by Tuite

recorded by Tuite and West
edited, mixed and mastered by Tuite
produced by Tuite